Safety Information

Important Safety Information

YHK and DTS are not a type of drugs to medications, and can not replace the effect of therapeutic drugs and surgical treatment. We recommend our customers to understand its’ function before use.

Who can take YHK & DTS?

  • Patients with liver problem. (ie Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Fatty Liver, NASH, Cirrhosis and/ or Liver Cancer)
  • People who would like to protect liver function and prevent liver diseases.
  • People who like to protect kidney function and prevent kidney diseases.
  • People who like to protect the body from harmful substances and side effects by medications.
  • Can be use alone or together with other medication as a combine treatment or protection.

What should I do before taking?

  • For liver patients: Have a liver function test or scan, to understand your liver function status.
  • For liver protection: Reduce the number of supplements, vitamins, or any detox program that you might be under taking.
  • Find out how the suitable dosage for your case.

Side Effects

YHK & DTS are extraction of multiple natural plants, and contains only natural ingredients. Up until this day, research data have yet to discover any known side effect. But as each users’ condition is different, please consult with your healthcare provider if you experience any discomfort.

Our customers advice and feedback are greatly valuable to us, we welcome you to contact us.

YHK & DTS are both patented product with registered trademarks of Kyotsujigyo Inc.