Natural Protection against Neurodegeneration

Keep your brain healthy for years to come

Brainwell is a natural supplement designed to help clear brain wastes and toxic substances
through promoting blood circulation, improving the liver’s functions, and enhancing blood quality.
It aims to provide essential protection for brain cells and prevention against neurodegeneration.

One of the liver’s major functions is to process the blood from other organs, including the brain.
By promoting liver health, toxic wastes and substances can be synthesized in time,
lowering the chances of them affecting the brain.

Brainwell is suitable for:

  • • General brain protection
  • • Signs of memory loss
  • • Decreased concentration
  • • Difficulty in making judgments and decisions
  • • Unexplainable changes in mood & personality
  • • Constant fatigue & tiredness

A scientific-based
brain support

Research data shows that Brainwell can remarkably lower the aggregation of toxic proteins beta-amyloid (Aβ) by 40% and prevent 30% of brain cell death*, giving the brain a powerful protection against neurodegenerative diseases.

*Data gathered from the research conducted by the Key State Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience in Hong Kong

Patented formula and safety testings

Brainwell is made with 100% natural herbal ingredients, Panax pseudo ginseng and Eucommia (leaves, berries, and woods) with a patented formula.

To ensure its absolute safety for long term consumption, Brainwell has passed MTT test (a toxicity testing for cell models) and pharmaceutical-grade safety tests such as heavy metal test, residual pesticide test, and microbial test.

Protection to foster brain health

Until today, there are still no medications for neurodegenerative disorder, making protection for brain health more important than ever.

By protecting brain cells and preventing the death of our brain’s neurons, Brainwell can effectively help prevent brain-related issues, improve brain cell vitality, and ensure good brain health.

The mission of Brainwell is to help people to age with good health!

A unique way to combat neurodegeneration

Research has shown that amyloid beta (Aβ), a type of proteins, could become toxic when they clump together, leading to neurodegeneration.

In healthy individuals, Aβ is produced and cleared from the body. But as we age, the ability to remove waste substances such as Aβ weakens, causing them to build up in the brain to form plaques.

Brainwell’s unique way of protecting brain health starts right from the liver, the organ that is capable of improving blood quality and enhancing blood circulation, so that wastes and toxic substances can be removed from our body effectively.

New Hope for Neurodegeneration

Good liver health is more important than ever

There is increasing research revealing one very important finding about neurodegeneration: The production and clearance of amyloid beta (Aβ) extends beyond the brain.

Among all the organs, the liver plays an exceptionally crucial role in clearing toxic proteins and substances from our body.

Brainwell is designed to protect brain health and improve blood circulation, so toxic proteins can be removed from the body in time.

Restoring the amyloid beta (Aβ) balance

In people with neurodegeneration, the balance of Aβ production and clearance is disrupted, causing Aβ to accumulate and build up into plaques.

The liver is one of the important organs responsible for the clearance and metabolism of Aβ1. Increasing research suggest that poor liver function can actually impact brain health2.

1. Journal of Biological Chemistry:
2. National Center for Biotechnology Information:

By controlling the quantity of amyloid beta and the development
of plaques is the key to safeguard our brain health.

Brainwell’s major breakthroughs


Our latest cell culture model research shows that Brainwell can remarkably suppress brain cell death that is caused by amyloid beta by 26%, and also greatly reduce its aggregation by 40%, making a revolutionary progress in the study of anti-neurodegeneration and brain protection.




Research on the growth
of neurons

In a cell model research, Brainwell’s base formula has shown to be able to stimulate neurite outgrowth* (growth of neurons), which is often inhibited in neurodegenerative disorders. This promising result has led to further investigation of Brainwell’s effects.

*Research was presented at The 20th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in December 2017

Government funding research

The research of Brainwell is carried out in the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience in one of the universities in Hong Kong. The research is also approved and partly funded by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the Hong Kong Government (project no. CRP/060/16).

Amyloid Beta plaques:

  • • Improve memory and thinking power;
  • • Strengthen learning capacity and problem solving skills;
  • • Elevate mood and stabilize emotions;
  • • Enhance quality of sleep;
  • • Provide better energy level during the day, and many more.
Kyotsujigyo is currently in collaboration with the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Neuroscience to explore the
functionality of Brainwell, especially in the area of amyloid beta (Aβ). Results will be published as soon as they are released.

Dosage Suggestion

Brainwell is a supplement that can help protect brain function and prevent neurodegenerative problems.
As everyone’s health needs are different, users are recommended to adjust the dosage accordingly.



4 For brain health protection and prevention purposes, take 4 tablets per day.
This dosage is recommended for ageing individuals who want to prevent neurodegenerative problems and maintain healthy brain function.
To offer more protection to the brain, take 8 tablets per day.
We recommend this dosage for people who start to show signs of cognitive decline and are looking for a stronger protection for their brain health. We recommend users to take Brainwell for 4-6 months as a first course.



Storage Methods
• Keep in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight.
• Please take them at your earliest convenience after opening.
• All of our products are packed in a zipper bag. Zip up the bag after use to help maintain the condition of the tablets.
• You will also be able to see the storage information on the back of our packaging.