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YHK 60 Tablets


Product Description

GET 2 packs and get 5% Discount.

YoJyo HenShi Ko, also known as YHK, is the most popular product by us. A fully natural concentrated tablet, manufactured by unique patented process. YHK is highly recommended for people who have liver problems.

YHK comes in 2 different packages; 60 Tablets pack and 180 Tablets Pack. We post all orders with a protective cardboard box and we only offer EMS Speedpost shipping for safety reasons.


Panax pseudo ginseng, Eucommia ulmoides, Polygonati rhizome, Licorice root and Plant hardened oil.

YHK 60 Tablets Pack’s order limited is maximum of 2 packs. To purchase more please go to YHK 180 tablets pack.


60 Tablets Pack Weight: 94g
U.S. Patent No. 6280776
Height 8.2 ~ 8.3mm, Thickness 4.5 ~ 4.8mm, Weight 252 ± 10mg
Printed on package

Additional Information

Weight 303 g
Dimensions 22 x 11 x 3 cm

Take 2-6 tablets per day, with a glass of water. As this is not a medicine, you can take it anytime in your convenience. Users are recommended to go for a liver function test after 1 month of using YHK. And adjust the dosage according to the liver health. If unsure about your dosage, please contact us.


Keep in a dry, cool place avoiding direct sunlight After opening, please take them at your earliest convenience


All orders are ship from Tokyo, Japan by Kyotsujigyo Inc,. To ensure the product can safely arrive to our customers, we only offer EMS Shipping services. To simplify the Japan export TAX regulations, there is a limit of how many boxes of YHK can be sold on each purchase. For more information please go to Shipping.

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  1. Kyotsu


    I have been taking YHK since March 2005. I used to use another drug from the hospital (Urso), but having little effects. Then I have switch to YHK, and now I only use YHK.

  2. Kyotsu


    When I first started to use YHK, I felt unsure about it and I used to take several other supplements also. But soon I found that “YHK and DTS” is most effective for me. Now my overall health is in a stable condition. (Japan, Female)

  3. Kyotsu


    I will take YHK for the rest of my life. It is such a wonderful product! If the price is cheaper, I’d like to recommend it to many people!! (Japan, Male)

  4. Kyotsu


    By taking 2 YHK tablets 3 times per day, my ALT/ AST levels has been stable for many years, but i am not going to reduce the amount as I have went through liver cancer surgery twice in the past, and I dont want to go through the third time. I have liver function test result made by the university hospital, and my doctor always wonder why my liver is so healthy. I believe that it is all thanks to YHK. I refused other treatment except Urso and NSM of 2 times a week. I also reported to my doctor about YHK. (Japan, Female)

  5. Kyotsu


    I never had treatment with interferon with the hospital, and yet my liver function is stable with 5 YHK tablets per day. (Japan, Male)

  6. Kyotsu


    My mother (86 years old) has recovered her strength and she is well.
    Although her liver is not showing a normal condition clearly from the function test due to advanced cirrhosis, but she is pretty active as no one believed she is an ill person. We want to thanks YHK. (Japan, Female)

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