Using natural solution to improve the quality of lives for people around the world by protecting and enhancing liver and kidney health.

Kyotsujigyo’s aim is to provides the effective, safe products with high standard services to satisfier our customers. We have a straight quality control in development, research, testing and logistic processes to maintain this standard. With the unique properties of our inventions and it’s scientific support, we believed that we can help to improve the quality of life in our society.


Kyotsujigyo respect and complies with the laws and regulations in all areas of business activities. We also believed that our company will grow only if our employee’s capability is growing. We believed that mutual respect for each other, and 100% commitments is to key to successes, and this is the only way to help us to achieve our aim. And as a good corporate, we are highly aware of our responsibility in our community, we always try our best to actively engage in activities that has a positive contribution to the society as much as we can.

Our Products

Our range of products includes YHK, DTS and MMT (MMT only available in Japan). All 3 products are invented based on the Chinese Medical Theories by Prof Shinhan Sha (Shanghai Normal University graduates, Japan Musashino Gakuin University Visiting Professor, American MIT-ILP members) who is well educated in Chinese Medical due to his family influences from a very young age, and together with Dr. Yanaihara Noboru (MD PhD., Faculty Minister of Shizuoka University of Medicine, Professor, Medicine Faculty Minister) and Dr Yanaihara Chisuko (MD PhD., Chairman of Osaka University of Medical, rofessor). And they named this natural invention YOJO SUPPLEMENTS.

The Aim of YOJO Supplement



Panax pseudo ginseng is a medicinal plant of Araliaceae, often found in Southern China. Growing this type of plants needs adequate moisture and warm throughout the year, surprisingly from sowing to harvest it requires 3 to 7 years. This plant does not grow on ground level, it only grows on 200~1500 meters highland slopes.


Panax pseudo ginseng does not like direct sunlight, therefore it has to be shaded. When this plants grows flower, this is when the rhizomes of the plants has medicinal effect and, adequate nutrition for the whole of the plant, and once a flower is grown it has to be cut, therefore Panax pseudo ginseng is extremely time consuming to grow compare to other crops.


Eucommia’s aects has been proven by modern medical analysis. Eucommia contain “geniposidic acid”, which have medicinal properties, and can prevent high blood pressure, Lower blood pressure, improves liver function, anti-inflammatory, lowering cholesterol and improve urinary difficulty.


Since it does not have side effects, this herb is ideal for keeping your body healthy with no worries. Eucommia’s contain Geniposidic acid, Pinorejinoru, Jigurukosaido, Guttaperuka, Alkaloids, Pectin, Vitamin C, Tannin and Phosphorus, Potassium, Magnesium, and contains minerals such as zinc, these elements often found lacking from human bodies.

Scientific Based Proven Effects & Patents

  • Prevention and promotes normal function from liver diseases and kidney disease
  • Preventing and promotes normal function of hypertension due to arteriosclerosis
  • Inhibitory effect of prevention of cancer cell growth in cancer
  • Protective effect on liver and renal function damage caused by heavy metals
  • Preventive effects in side effects caused by medications
  • Enhancing exercise capacity and fatigue recovery capability
  • Prevention of colds and flu, Improvement early symptoms


All of our products are Made in Japan. Our company has a straight quality control process in every steps from raw materials through to manufacturing, every stages has been thoroughly inspected with a strict management system, our aim is to maintain a high level of safety and quality for our customers.


All raw materials use by our products, are required to have a “quality guarantee certificates” from the suppliers, and we will also performed further inspection to confirm its’ locality and originated location. All raw materials that are use by us are in comply with relevant laws and regulations.


We following strictly with the laws and regulations such as the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, Food Sanitation Law and Health Promotion Law of Japan, as well as a safe and secure product laws. Our products has also been approved by the FDA to import and sales within the United States.